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SKB Custom Foam Inserts

SKB Custom Foam InsertLooking for a custom foam insert for your SKB case? You have come to the right place because here at Case Club we are experts in designing and producing SKB custom foam inserts. SKB cases already offer the most protection you can get from a stock case, but with a custom foam insert your item will be protected even more because it allows your item to sit in a specific custom cut cavity to prevent movement and being jolted. This of course translates into less of a chance of your item getting damaged. A custom foam insert is the safest, most convenient way to travel with your SKB case. Be sure to peak in our custom foam gallery to see many of our custom foam inserts, along with our different types of foam page to learn about our different types of foam. Also any SKB custom foam insert can be accompanied with a layer of semi-vel

How We Do It....

At Case Club we make it easy for you to get a SKB custom foam insert. While there are other companies that make custom foam inserts they only give you one or two choices, often of which require in depth computer knowledge. We on the other hand offer many different options to make a SKB custom foam insert which includes tracing the parts, sending us the parts. We even accept your AutoCAD DXF files for all you engineers out there. If none of those will work for you and you have another idea to designing your insert, we will work with you to make the custom foam insert the simplest and most convenient way for you.

SKB Custom Foam Insert

Trace the Parts Send us a full size tracing
Send us the Parts Send us the physical parts
Draw the Parts Layout Draw the parts in Paint or similar program
Construct the Layout  in CAD Construct the Layout in AutoCAD


SKB Custom Foam InsertWhy get a Custom Foam Insert for your SKB Case?

The biggest reason everyone gets a custom foam insert is protection. We design the insert specifically for your SKB case and item, which is why the insert is so effective at what it does. While some people get pick n pluck, which works fine, and has its applications, a custom foam insert takes security to the next level. Besides who wants to pluck out foam for hours..? Especially when it comes to higher volume.  There is no better way to protect your item than custom foam. Applications include everything from just driving around the block in a car or flying around the world in a plane. A custom foam insert combined with a waterproof SKB case will give the most practical protection available.

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